Over 600,000 people make their home in Mississauga or the greater Toronto area, with more joining them every year. If you're thinking of selling your current real estate and moving to Mississauga, you may be wondering what living in the city is actually like. You should always have an idea of what your life will be like before you move so you can avoid unwelcome surprises and disappointment, so we'll give you an overview of what living in the city is like in this article. Hopefully you'll find it useful when you're making your decision.

At Home

Most people who make the move to Mississauga after living in Toronto are astounded by how much more space they have now. Their kids can have separate bedrooms. There's room for a home office. There's a yard for the dog to run around in, and the car has a garage to call home. And better yet, living conditions are the same for everyone in your neighborhood, so you'll see them often as you look after your property, supervise your kids and pets, and get involved with the community.

Going to Work

If you're lucky enough to get a job in Mississauga, you'll be able to drive or get a bus to work in just a few minutes - usually no more than a fifteen minutes. However the trade off for many people who move to Mississauga is that they now have to put up with a long commute into Toronto to work. On off hours it only takes about 30 minutes to get to Toronto, but at rush hour its closer to an hour or longer depending on traffic. Sometimes your best bet is to take public transit to avoid the snarled highways. Figure out your commute at Gotransit.com.

Running Errands

Mississauga is a city with plenty of small to medium sized businesses and a hefty assortment of big box malls. With Square One and the Dixie Outlet Mall nearby, there isn't much you won't be able to get easily. There's a lot more here than nearby Milton or Oakville, and a lot of times even more than in busy Toronto neighborhoods. The only things you'll be missing from Toronto are the expensive upscale shops on Bloor Street and downtown, though there is a downtown area in Mississauga, it isn't quite as well developed.

For Fun

Mississauga residents live busy lives, so most of what they do for fun involves community groups, local sports, going to parks, shopping, and the like. If you're into the club scene, big concerts, or museums, Mississauga has that as well.

Have you read enough great things about the city of Mississauga that you are ready to pack up and move here now? Find a real estate agent that is familiar with the area and understands the local real estate market. His or her expertise will help you find your perfect home in no time!

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