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Mississauga is a city that's always growing, so although there have been increases in jobs in working for local businesses, if there's one sector that's really taken off it's real estate. Developers are constantly trying to outdo one another in the race to make newer and better places to live. If you're thinking of applying for job working for a real estate developer or of becoming one yourself, here's some information on what it is they do.

Real estate developers are the people who take empty land or land currently occupied by something else and turn it into living space or commercial property. Many developers have a specialized knowledge is needed to make a success of a real estate venture, companies usually stick to what they know: either residential or commercial real estate is what developers excel at.

There are many steps involved in developing real estate. First the land has to be selected, zoned by the city, and perhaps even hooked up to the water, sewers treated if necessary, and electricity if it isn't already. Then the developers have to hire an architect to design the building or subdivision and construction contractors to actually build the unit. Developers are more facilitators than actual doers, but they do provide the financial backing for the project and reap its benefits when it's finished.

Because it costs millions of dollars to develop a condo tower or a subdivision, it's not possible to become a real estate developer unless you start extremely small or are already wealthy. If you're looking to work directly for a real estate developer, you're probably looking at an administration or construction, as most of the people hired on a home project are hired on a contract basis. If you work for an architect or a building contractor or a realtor, you could end up working for them indirectly.

Since Mississauga's population is expanding so rapidly, there is room in the economy of Mississauga for a lot of developers. They include the Fram Building Group, which builds subdivisions, Acres Real Estate, which specializes in commercial real estate, and Davies Smith Developments, which focuses more on condos. As a buyer, you may have to deal directly with the developer if you're buying construction or pre-construction property, or they might hire a real estate agent to handle that aspect for them.

If you want to see a list of pre construction developments going on in Mississauga currently, go here.

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