If you're contacted by a big time executive recruitment firm out of Toronto and live in Mississauga then you might not want to think about uprooting your family out of Mississauga and move to the big city of Toronto right away. It doesn't mean you don't have to take whatever job they're offering though. It just means you should think about staying and living in Mississauga while commuting to work in Toronto.

Or you can just decide to stay in Mississauga and continue working there. Whichever route you take you will be covered and have plenty of transportation options to chose from. One of the major advantages of living in a large city like Mississauga is the many different transportation options there are. A visiting intern coming to work under you and study your techniques for a while would have no trouble getting from one end of Mississauga to the other. All they have to do is get information on how to get there and hit up the Mississauga public transit to take them.

Getting around Mississauga is quite the simple task and can be done very conveniently through Mississauga's public transport system known as MiWay, whose slogan is, "my destination. my route. mi way." MiWay will take you wherever you need to go in Mississauga, whether that's to work, school or a friend's house to say goodbye to them before they leave. MiWay not only provides you ways of traveling around Mississauga but will also take you to where you need to go if you want to travel to other destinations nearby.

MiWay only has buses in their transport operation system but if you want to travel to Toronto or Brampton, for example, they will connect you with services that will take you to those destinations. If you want to go to Toronto, MiWay will connect you to Toronto's GO Transit commuter rails. If you want to go to places further east of Toronto then MiWay will connect you with the Toronto Transit Commission. This is all made possible because MiWay is a part of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

MiWay is a great asset to the city of Mississauga, as many people who live in Mississauga actually have to commute to other neighbouring cities for work. If you're not a fan of public transportation then you can always take your car or sign up for a carpool and hit the open highways that will take you from Mississauga to Toronto. Whether people commute to and from Mississauga for government work, film directing gigs or film jobs, they have plenty of options on how to get them there.

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